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Residential inspection home services refer to the professional assessment and evaluation of a residential property, typically carried out by trained and certified inspectors. The primary purpose of such inspections is to identify any potential issues or defects in the property, providing valuable information to buyers, sellers, or homeowners.

Inspection Types:

There are various types of residential inspections, depending on the purpose and scope. Some common types include pre-purchase inspections (for prospective buyers), pre-listing inspections (for sellers), and general maintenance inspections (for existing homeowners).

Qualified Inspectors:

Residential inspections are typically performed by licensed or certified home inspectors. These professionals have undergone specialized training and possess knowledge of building codes, construction techniques, and common residential issues.

Areas Covered:

Inspectors thoroughly examine various components of the property, including the foundation, structure, roofing, electrical systems, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), insulation, doors, windows, and overall safety features.